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Metal Spinning Leaders

More than 35 years of experience working in all sectors of the metal spinning for major firms internationally, TeiNogal has become Metal Spinning leader in Spain.

  • Quality – All our work meets the strictest quality controls.
  • Commitment - Each work we do we do it the only way we know, with the maximum guarantee, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Personal attention - Our professionals will advise you at all times to help you make the best decisions.

At present TeinogalIt has 2900m2 Surface to perform their duties, A team of 28 qualified employees and a great enthusiasm for the good work, customers and suppliers.

More About Us

Metal Spinning

The best techniques and machinery for the metal spinning.

Deep Drawing

We get accuracy and symmetry unmatched.


Completely homogeneous and flawless pieces.

Machining Process

Any way to get a perfect finish.

Discover our

We have the best prepared machinery for short and long series, from prototype to thousands of pieces.


Our jobs

A sample of the work done by our team of professionals.

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In Teinogal we release, we released our new website. We have made a simple and intuitive website that is easy to navigate it and find our services quickly. We committed to [...]

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