Our company starts in Arganda del Rey province of the community of Madrid with our founder Alberto Nogal, It is a motivating person, willing to work, enthusiastic, visionary, perfectionist, especially persistent and enterprising. These values ​​are entered in Teinogal and we have been working since it was founded in 1991, but before how independent he worked 5 years, we can say that the company began in 1986.

Mr. Quite, to the 30 year-old took this decision because his experience that began in 1972 After working in the informal sector companies saw an opportunity to shape the future of the metal notching in Spain.

Continuous effort

When he started as an independent, started in a warehouse of 150m² and the 2 week starting hired 2 people, to the 5 years and were 8 people hired so I had to go to other facilities 500 m² was near where he was when he founded Teinogal.

After several years of continuous effort, Working for all sectors within the metal notching for major firms got into very large operations which were passed Teinogal a ship 500m² to 1000m² in the same location. In the year 2003 Teinogal managed to be in a contest of great character which made it grow its facilities to 2000m² with large investment in machinery for the metal notching, embossing and hydro-formed.

Each year Mr.. Nogal was doing was getting his efforts and achievements along with his team of 18 employees whose experience was growing.


To the 57 year old, in 2012, Teinogal strategy changes after several meetings, dialogues, reflections with the team and new generations which today give support Teinogal, It makes the company move to a single ship that makes 2400m² be better structured and segmented to perform their functions notching metal, embossing and hydro-formed with high control during the process and increase its production.

At 2015 after customer demand for metallized surface finish high vacuum and meet the new generation of the company, it was decided to make the investment to provide the solution to customers and enabled 500m² to develop these works high vacuum metallized at another location at 200m away with controlled atmosphere which also paint finishes to give the customer total solution.

Teinogal currently has 2900m² surface to perform their duties, A team of 28 qualified employees and a great enthusiasm for the good work, customers and suppliers.


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