TEI NOGAL is a company dedicated to the manufacture by notching, laminate, repulsed, stamping and hydroforming metal of all kinds of parts, including large thicknesses and a wide range of geometric shapes, always under customer design.

Founded in 1990, TEI NOGAL It began as a small shop with two employees and an area of, only, 100 m2. Currently it has more than 2.500 m2, and it is considered one of the most important companies in Spain notching.

TEI NOGAL It is committed to quality and environmental protection and sustainable development of the products we develop to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

TEI NOGAL has a standards-based Integrated Quality Management System and Environmental UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015. The address of TEI NOGAL It undertakes to meet and communicate the following values ​​and commitments:

1. Internal processes and promote a code of good practice to professionally meet customer requirements, legal and regulatory compliance and mandatory set internally.

2. Perform different activities through teams with the highest qualifications and the most appropriate technical means. Assign roles and responsibilities to staff to encourage professional development and responsibility.

3. Foster a culture in the organization that allows to anticipate the needs of our customers, in order to exceed your expectations and reduce environmental impacts.

4. continuously update our processes to increase the quality of service we develop and improve our methods of action.

5. Develop our activities with respect for the environment through sustainable use of resources, using recyclable materials as far as possible, so that contributes to environmental protection, sustainable development and pollution prevention.

Quality and environmental protection is a commitment and responsibility of all staff TEI NOGAL and actively participate in the maintenance and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System and Environmental, taking into account the context of TEI NOGAL.

Management is committed to provide the human and material resources necessary to meet the requirements of the activities carried out, objectives and continuously improve the efficiency and performance of our Integrated Management System. This policy is reviewed annually for fitness for purpose, organizational context, environmental impacts and strategic direction. It communicates and is available to the relevant stakeholders.

The address of TEI NOGAL, November 13 of 2018.